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The Lost Diary of Professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney

Title : The Lost Diary of Professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney
Fandom : Harry Potter
Rating : G
Disclaimer : I don't own anything .............
Chapter : 1 (maybe.)
Characters : Professor Trelawney
Summary : Her true feelings revealed..............
Spoilers : Harry Potter 7
Gendre : Children's
Comments : Hi, guys um P. T. is my fave character, but she is kind of a minor character. I thought I would try to provide some more insight on her.  Thanks.

My Dearest Pandora ,

I have not seen or written in you since I was a small child.  I was so very happy when I found you yesterday at the bottom of one my old trunks.  I have good news or bad actually depends on how you look at things..............

Since we last corresponded,  I have been work as the divination teacher at Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Unfortunatey, most of my students do not fancy me and more importantly, do not respect me.  This, in fact is quite sad since I do love all of my students.

I have wonderful students such as Ronald Weasely,and of course the one and only Harry Potter. The  students and even the teachers like Professor Mc Gonagall think  that I am a fraud because each  one of my students dies or is wounded.  I do feel sorry for poor Lavender Brown......he is one my favourite students.  Between you and me, I absolutely do  not believe that Miss Hermionie Grainger possesses  the ability of divination.   I realised this during the class in which I taught the students how to read tea leaves.

What wizards fail to realize is that that the art of divination is not always exact.........I'm quite certain that even my dear, sweet great-great grandmother Cassandra who was one of the most cerebrated seers of her time had a few mishaps once in a while.  God rest her soul.

Most inhabitants here, at Hogwarts' probably believe that I am cursed and perhaps they are right.  After, I was put on probation and then got sacked by Dolores Umbridge.  She is utterly dreadful.  She has no compassion.  I  was brought back by Albus.  For, he is my only dear friend her, besides you of course.

Now, I must share my classes with that bloody  Firenze !  He is a bloddy centaur, for God's sake !   Firenze does not know anything about  divination !  All of the professors here except for dear, sweet Albus, tell me : "Oh Sybill, he's just here to help you."  Such a load of rubbish........  How can they believe I am that thick ?  Am I really that thick ?  I am bloody furious !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My gift is natural, inborn. I predicted to Albus that a wizard would be born that could defeat  "He who shall not be named. " And there he is..................Harry Potter   That should prove me worthy should it not ?!

  My great-great granny would be ever so proud !  I  have made marvelous predictions while in a trance................pity I  can't remember any of them though................Some students have even told me I was a vessel for other souls..............can't remember any of that either...........such a pity ............
 I felt dreadfully when Umbride sacked  and  threw me out and everyone, even the children saw me leaving. !

My Dearest Thanks for Listening ,


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