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New girl says Hiya!

Hi there my fellow obsessed Harry Potter fangirls! A new new girl to the community and it seems like a pretty cool place. Now I thought I'd share two awesome communities with you.

First up is my brand new Harry Potter Animagus/Patronus Stamp Community.

 This is a brand new community for those die hard harry potter fans who have always wondered what their animagus form or their patronus charm would look like. Here's you chance to find out. Just join the community and fill out one of the short applications and let other members vote on your animal forms.
Come give us a visit! 

 Next is a Hybrid community 

Application & Rules || Character Stamping || Apply for a Shop || Try out for Quidditch

Diffindo Elite is a Harry Potter hybrid sorting community. This means that, unlike other Harry Potter sorting communities, there are six houses, all mixtures of the four in canon: Gryffinpuff, Ravendor, Ravenpuff, Slytherclaw, Slytherdor, and Slytherpuff. Once you have been sorted into one of the houses, you have the opportunity to earn your house points by participating in various contests, Quidditch, and by opening a Shop! We all have a great time, and we would love for you to join today!

Click on the banner or click diffindo_elite

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